Top Ways To Save Money On Your Next Family Vacation

No one should ever say that a family vacation has to cost a fortune. One can be creative and make smart decisions, which can make a trip memorable and even keep money in your pocket. Here are a few suggestions.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Family Farm Vacations

Sheep Farm

You can find a new adventure by waking up to a rooster crowing with crops that stretch across wide-open fields. If you're into this you can roll up your sleeves and head out to a farm or a ranch for a fun vacation adventure. There are family farm vacations where you can learn to grow food or attend animals like alpacas and goats. All these common bargain prices with family-style food, lodging and activities. You may want to look ahead.

Park it Here

National Park Vacations

Eureka California Redwood National Park

This country has amazing national parks because America is full of natural beauty and there are free and low-cost activities for everyone. There are over 400 parks to choose from so you think find one within existence of your home. Park entry fees are typically economical but it's best to buy a National Parks annual pass for $80. You can always try lodging at the KOA, which typically has many locations next to national parks. You can find pools, activities as well as parking for your RV. Many offer cabins and camping that allow you to cook your own meals, which saves hundreds of dollars.

Food Festivals Tour Stay Vacations

Chocolate Festival, Carolina

Eat Your Way Across America

Food festivals are always popular but it can be expensive. Take a food factory tour instead. Vermont is a great spot to tour as you can try a multitude of ice cream flavors or cheese.

Finding Museum Amusement

Museum and Zoos Vacations

Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Washington DC

America is full of museums and zoos that are great opportunities for fun environments. Admission fees are typically high so check listings for when admission is free or discounted. You can also buy an annual family membership to the Northern American Reciprocal Museum Association. Then you can enjoy free or low-cost submission to the nearly 1000 locations in America. Don't forget that Smithsonian museums are free in Washington DC, including the zoo.

Tack on a Tag Sale

Flea Markets Vacation

Elkhorn Antique Flea Market

If you love yard sales and love to bargain you can take your show on the road. There are many cities that host large flea markets and many have well-known antique shows that occurred during summer months. Admission is free but you must remember not to overbuy. You can browse the challenge yourself to bring back only that which is a necessity as shipping can drive up the costs.

Stay in a Nearby Town

Provincial Town

Provincial Town

Usually the cost of hotel accommodation in the smaller towns located in the vicinity of popular destinations is much cheaper. If driving an extra 20 minutes is not a problem for you why not save good money by staying in a nearby town.

Home Exchanges

Home Exchanges

Home Exchanges

This is a very popular strategy widely used by the adventurous travelers. Of course, your trip is not going to be very romantic but it has all the chances to be exciting, indeed.

Book with the Smaller Hotel Chains

Liberty Inn Hotel

Liberty Inn Hotel

Often smaller hotel chains may offer free upgrades or even free nights in the hope to attract a new customer. Even if you have booked accommodation elsewhere, consider inquiring whether you could get an extra night free and have a reason to cancel the booking.

Or consider checking out travel sites like for more travel deals. According to the numerous customer reviews is an excellent resource to book your travel with. They often feature great travel offers and their prices are not high. Plus you can get coupon for a discount and save on your travel even more.

Vacation Home

National Vacation Home

Vacation Home

This is an option to consider if you plan to stay at some place for at least several days. A vacation home is more comfortable and less expensive.


Two Bedroom Suite

Two Bedroom Suite

Rather than booking two rooms, ask for a two-bedroom suite. It will be cheaper than booking two separate rooms and you will get the same level of privacy.