Top 5 Washington, DC Neighborhoods

Washington, DC Neighborhoods

Washington, DC Neighborhoods

#5 Shaw

The area of Shaw located around 9th Street NW is in the middle of what one may call a renaissance. Shaw is undergoing an esthetic face lift as well as many cultural changes. The neighborhood is beginning to incorporate new bars with large artisan cocktail menus, independent coffee shops, farm to table restaurants, specialty boutiques, and modern condominiums. Shaw is luring foodies and cocktail connoisseurs from all over. Make sure to check out local restaurants like Sundevich - a great place to chow down on some oversized sandwiches, Dacha - a beer garden strewn with twinkle lights for cozy ambiance, or Zenebech a delicious Ethiopian eatery.
Born during the early 20th century, Shaw was once the center of D.C.'s Jazz scene and African American culture. Signs of the neighborhood's historic notoriety can still be viewed at the fully restored Howard and Lincoln theaters as well as in the educational yet artistic murals found on a few of the area's brick buildings.

#4 Navy Yard

In 2008, Nationals Park, home base for the Washington Nationals MLB team, began to attract many new visitors. Since then, every season seems to bring a new bar and/or restaurant to the area slowly growing Navy Yard into a popular D.C. destination. Summer is the best time of year to take a trip to Navy Yard because of the newly renovated riverfront boardwalk and baseball season. Nationals Park is one of the most pleasant major league venues due to its amazing views and extraordinary list of local food vendors.
Navy Yard is also home to several recently developed red brick, industrial style buildings, offices, high rise apartments and a number of redeveloped and/or emerging restaurants. Agua 301 offers breathtaking riverfront views, while Osteria Morini is a great place to grab an authentic Northern Italian Dish. Plus, the Yards Park, located along the Anacostia river, is a great space full of greenery where free exercise classes and live outdoor concerts are offered weekly.

#3 14th Street

14th Street is regarded as one of the top D.C. areas to visit as it sits directly between Florida Avenue and Thomas Circle. Each area is known to hold something for everyone's taste, tone, and budget. 14th Street is a fully renovated neighborhood offering numerous upscale restaurants, bars, and boutiques. For breakfast check out Ted's Bulletin, best known for their homemade poptarts. For lunch or dinner, try Le Diplomate owned by celebrity chef Stephen Starr. Churchkey is a great rooftop restaurant and bar while Two Birds One Stone offers premium cocktails and wine. Or if coffee is more your speed, visit Slipstream for a cup of craft jo.

#2 Columbia Heights

One can find a little bit of everything in the progressive neighborhood of Columbia Heights. Searching for a breath of fresh air? Then be sure to take a walk down the area's Rock Creek Park, home to over thirty two miles of natural hiking trails. The Columbia Heights Heritage Trail is also a great way to get to know the neighborhood as it leads you on a tour of the local landmarks like Meridian Hill Park. However, if you are looking for more metropolitan shops such as the infamous Target store chain, you will also find one here in Columbia Heights. Additionally, the neighborhood is known for its welcoming restaurant and bar scene like its home style patio dining at Maple, or its local bakery Sticky Fingers Eats & Sweets specializing in vegan pastries that everyone in the world seems to love.

#1 H Street NE

H Street NE is one of the newest up and coming neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. The launch of the area's long needed Streetcar Service delivers visitors from Union Station to downtown H Street finally making the area easily accessible. This is the first of the neighborhood's transportation services other than Uber as the area is not connected by Metro. H Street NE is also known as the Atlas District because of the Atlas Performing Arts Center. The center is a 1930s Art Deco theater that began to revamp the neighborhood a short ten years ago.
Only a mile from the state's Capitol and Eastern Market, H Street NE is a wonderful place to find artisanal food and drink. At the H Street Country Club one can find savory Mexican food and drink on a rooftop deck overlooking the area's one and only mini-golf course. Or enjoy some tasty ramen and funky art at the Toki Underground eatery. Plus, the Pursuit Wine Bar is a great location for a glass of wine paired with a grilled cheese designed by your own accord. Needless to say, H Street NE is an unconventional neighborhood that beats to its own drum. Thus, it is a great place to visit if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.