Things To Do in New Jersey

Things To Do in New Jersey

New Jersey is infamous for its negative stereotypes, primarily made by those who have never visited the state. Those who actually live in the state know that it has much more to offer than what is typically perceived. This article will provide fourteen of the top things to do while in New Jersey.

1 - Go to a Construction-Themed Amusement Park

Providing a great alternative to the overcrowded Six Flags, one can visit Diggerland while in New Jersey. Diggerland is a smaller theme park where the attractions solely consist of large construction and tractor rides. One can visit either the all-ages location or go to Diggerland XL, where customers can operate the machines by themselves through guided instruction.

2 - Eat a Fat Sandwich

New Jersey is known for its delicious, though not healthy, sandwiches. When visiting Rutgers University, students crowd around food trucks to enjoy their "Fat Sandwich" and satiate their late night needs. These sandwiches come with various toppings such as French fries and mozzarella sticks.

3 - Go Tubing Along the Delaware River

The Delaware River is located along the border of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. During the summer, this river turns into the most popular river for tubing enthusiasts. The river is tame and family-friendly for the most part, but also has certain areas with white waters for any thrill seekers out there. Visitors do not need to worry about purchasing equipment beforehand, as there are plenty of tube rental places around the area.

4 - See the Weehawken Dueling Grounds

On the other side of the Hudson River in New York is the famous location where Alexander Hamilton was shot by Aaron Burr via dueling. This location is known as Weehawken and has become popular in recent times with the musical "Hamilton". Here, visitors can find the boulder that Alexander Hamilton rested on moments after being fatally wounded.

5 - Stay at a Historic Doo-Wop Motel

In the town of Wildwood, there are many doo-wop hotels that embrace the 1950's designs throughout their buildings. It is a feeling of travelling through time when one comes here, as many structures are preserved to maintain the aesthetic of the time.

6 - Go to a 24-hour Diner at 3am

New Jersey is not the only place known for 24-hour diners, but it is very much a part of the local culture. One can embrace the local greasy and delicious cuisine in the wee hours of the night, where they are sure to enjoy some great people watching among the locals.

7 - Spend the Day at Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is a great low-key day trip if one is visiting New York City. Visitors can take the ferry there in under sixty minutes and enjoy the calming, scenic views along the water. Sandy Hook is home to a magnificent lighthouse and a military base.

New Jersey Activities

New Jersey Activities

8 - Act Like a Mall Rat in Short Hills

To really embrace and enjoy the suburban feel of New Jersey, one can visit The Mall at Short Hills, which is a large luxury brand mall. A plus of visiting the mall is that there is no sales tax on clothing so the dollar goes a longer way.

9 - Hike Along the Appalachian Trail

New Jersey is home to the longest trail for hikers only in the world at the Appalachian Trail. Spanning seventy two miles in the state of New Jersey, the trail is home to astonishing views and the occasional sighting of animals along the trail.

10 - See a Concert at The Stone Pony

The Stone Pony is the famous New Jersey venue where Bruce Springsteen began his illustrious career. It primarily hosts up and coming bands and is a great place to catch an outdoor show in the middle of the summer.

11 - Go Apple Picking

If one wants to venture away from the populous in New Jersey, they can either head out west or down south to the countryside areas. Here, apple picking is a popular activity for visitors at any of the various apple orchards. In addition to apple picking, it is recommended to try the cider donuts and the apple pie as well.

12 - Experience the Seaside Heights Boardwalk

Made popular by the hit MTV show "Jersey Shore", the Seaside Heights boardwalk is every bit of the stereotype as advertised, from the carnival rides to the print t-shirt shops and nightlife. It is great to experience either for a day or an evening when in the area.

13 - Visit a Deserted Village in the Woods

To get a great taste of the past, one can visit one of the ghost towns that reside in New Jersey. The most popular of these is the Feltville Historic District in Watchung Reservation, which hosts early 1800's architecture with not a soul in site. All of the inhabitants moved away when the local economies were either sold off or became obsolete. Truly a sight to see.

14 - Eat a Pork Roll for Breakfast

Finally, to really get a dose of New Jersey's culture, one has to try the pork rolls it has to offer. It is best enjoyed on a breakfast sandwich together with fried eggs and cheese. It is the unofficial food of the state and a must-eat.