Statue of The Lord Nelson - Trafalgar Square

Statue of The Lord Nelson - Trafalgar Square, Bridgetown

If you are visiting Barbados in the West Indies you will come upon the Bridgetown capital and the only port of entry at the southwestern end of the island. On the wide curve of Carlisle Bay there is a built-up coastal strip that stretches for miles on each side of the town.

Originally the town was founded in 1628 and called Indian Bridge. Early visitors didn't like the name because it was a noxious swamp, so the name of St. Michael's town became favorable in 1660 and remain to the 19th century. This town is been destroyed repeatedly by fires and a cholera epidemic.

Bridgetown is now a crowded and picturesque mixture of St. Michael's Anglican Cathedral, which is built of coral rock. Trafalgar Square hosts a statue of the English Adm. Lord Nelson. There is a deep-water harbor for commercial shipping, which lies to the northwest and became operational in 1961.

The Government House dates from the early 18th century and these are large modern ministerial buildings by the shore of Carlisle Bay. Savanna is the garrison parade ground, which is now used for race meetings and other gatherings. There is Queens Park with tropical vegetation and Codrington College.

The town's economic mainstay is sugar refining, run distilling import activity with a growing tourist trade.

Barbados Arts and Crafts

Barbados Arts

Barbados Arts

A long tradition of great art, fashion and cloth painting, pottery and basket weaving is a part of Bridgetown and the Barbados culture and art.

Barbados Black Culture

Barbados Carnival

Barbados Carnival

These are the roots of a proud and determined people with a predominantly black African heritage. These are people of risen above the past become leaders in a prosperous, well-governed and racially integrated island state. You will find your visit to Bridgetown uplifting and educational matter what color or creed you are.

Heritage of The Sugar Barons

Barbados Architecture

Barbados Plantation Houses in St. Peter, Heron Bay House Barbados and St. Andrews Parish Church

One of the traditions in Bridgetown was born from sugar and rum. In the days when the pirates roamed the sea there is a history rich in wealth and folklore. There are stately plantations; Georgian architecture and he will find a heritage of people who lived in the traditions of the past.